I’ve taken to just listening to these in the background while at work. Here are a few others that I recommend, that I think have a broader appeal than the David Duchovny bit, which was probably pretty esoteric.

This entire series of scenes between Dr. Katz and Dom Irrera work really well. Something about the neurotic, confessional nature of Irrera’s act makes this feel less obviously like a stand-up act and more like an improvised couch session. Both comedians have a quiet sort of humor that meshes well together.

The first 1 minute 2 seconds of this video with Dave Cross is brilliant. Cross is better when playing a role than when doing stand-up. I could listen to him doing that stammering shtick all day.

This is probably my favorite of the Ben Katz clips. There’s nothing in this clip that doesn’t work for me, and I laugh out loud no matter where I am during the dinner preparation scene.

Ray Romano is funny. This is good material, but even if it weren’t, his unique delivery would still make me laugh. (I recommend this one, as well, if just for the bit about his mother trying to overfeed everybody.)

More great improv around a possible burglar breaking into the Katz home. The way they attempt to chase away the burglar is priceless.

The interaction between Katz and Steven Wright is spot-on. Wright is such a weirdo, this sounds almost like an authentic therapy session.

According to the IMDb, “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” was on the air for five years. I didn’t think it was that long. Wish there were more clips on YouTube.