I watched a bit of Dumb and Dumber on television the other week–I think it was TNT–and they absolutely shat on the best scene in the movie with overzealous editing. If you excise Jim Carrey using a guy’s testicles as speed bags or ripping the chef’s heart out of his chest, you almost may as well cut the whole scene out of the film. I mean, it’s not as if any of it is even remotely realistic. The heart looks like a dog’s chew toy, fer cryin’ out loud. Not to mention that in getting rid of it, you have to also cut out the entire gag of Carrey dropping it into the doggy bag.

Anyway, for those who may have only seen this film on television, here’s how it’s meant to be seen.

[Edit: Oh, darn. Embedding disabled. Well, watch it on YouTube, I guess.]