Slowly Walking Away from a Giant Explosion

This occurs so frequently now in films that it is officially a cliché, but I don’t think this shot has existed for very long. The first time I ever remember seeing it was in the trailer for Desperado (1:06 mark). Could Robert Rodriguez have invented the slow shot of a person calmly and slowly walking away from a giant fireball and never looking back? That was 1995. Can anybody find an earlier occurrence?

3 Replies to “Slowly Walking Away from a Giant Explosion”

  1. There was that scene where the Klansman walked slowly away from that burning cross at the end of Birth of a Nation.

    Somebody should make a youtube video where Nicholas Cage or Antonio or somebody walks slowly away from the Hindenburg as it burns up. If I knew how to edit special effects, I’d do that.

  2. Someone should use this cliche in a spoof. Evrytime the hero walks away from something it eplodes. People see him walking away from a building, you see them scatter like roaches because they know the bulding is going to explode. Like that cop in Police Squad that always ran into something when he drove up in his car.

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