Blessed are the Geeks: Avengers Cast Assembled

I posted about this as well, but Donald gives this topic a more thorough treatment: Blessed are the Geeks: Avengers Cast Assembled

I’m “Pressing” this blog post because it occurred to me the other day that Chris Evans seems to be the new go-to guy for comic book-based films. He was in the two Fantastic Four films, that Losers film that came out earlier this year, and now he’s in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim film followed by (eventually) Captain America and maybe Avengers. I wonder who else has been in as many comic book-based films. Somebody should figure out who wins that non-battle.

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  1. James Marsden was in three X-Men movies and that Superman movie, but that’s still just two characters.

    Ryan Reynolds was in Blade Trinity, the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and he played Deadpool (sorta) in that Wolverine movie. He’s also rumored to be starring in a Deadpool solo movie. If that ever gets made, that might make him the king of comic book movies.

  2. Ah. Good ones. Didn’t think about them. I’d have rather seen a Hannibal King movie than a Deadpool movie. You know I love Deadpool, but they pretty much fucked him up in that Wolverine movie.

  3. I didn’t understand what happened to Deadpool in that movie. The transformed Deadpool at the end wasn’t even played by Ryan Reynolds. I enjoyed a lot of that movie — I even thought that fight scene at the end was cool — but boy was it dumb. And weird.

  4. I have to be honest with you–I never saw Wolverine: Origins in its entirety, so I guess I must have missed some of the early Deadpool scenes. That said, I really didn’t care for that movie at all. It was so boring.

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