I have to give credit to my brother Josh for leading me to this series of videos by posting “Bed Intruder” on Facebook. That was a real head-scratcher (I honestly couldn’t figure out if it was a real news story that had been mashed up or if it were merely some sort of off-color music video made up to look like a local news story) until I discovered the rest of these “Auto-tune the News” videos on YouTube.

There are a number of these that are actually very catchy (Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!), but I’ll post up this one if only for the Pootie Tang reference (“main damie”) and the hilarious faux-banter between Karzai and Zardari in their courtship of Hilary Clinton.

Just to add my two cents on these, the best unintentional singers are probably:

  • Joe Biden – I’ll be damned if the bit at the beginning of this video doesn’t sound legitimate. If Biden had sung that way a few years ago, he might have been the current PotUS. When he sings, “That’s what I want to imagine”, patriotism wells up inside me. God bless America, Joe Biden.
  • Pat Buchanan – Both here and here.
  • Honorable mention to Steve Buyer for one of the catchiest riffs: “It’s the smoke”.
  • Second honorable mention to Michele Bachmann, whose borderline insane intellectual reductionism lends itself pretty well to song.

[Edit: For whatever reason, this Obama Flashback doesn’t seem to be linked with the rest (I guess it’s outside of the series), but it’s quite good and funny. I can’t get enough of watching Bill O’Reilly dance, but I also think this shows the genius of the way these guys get the most out of autotuning when they turn a cow into a musical instrument.]