It’s clear that I’m going to need to start spicing up the content on this blog (or start actually posting some original content) if I ever want to see any interesting search terms in my site stats. These are pretty boring:

“inception backlash” – I did call it correctly, by the way, though it took longer than I thought it would (and the film is still ranked #3 on the IMDb). 13 of the most recent 20 user comments on the IMDb are negative, and I’m going to include in the “negative” column users who actually rated it more than five stars but then went on to say such things as:

  • they fell asleep in the theater because it was so boring;
  • there was no emotional connection with any of the characters and the story was completely unconvincing;
  • it’s overrated and you should only see if if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Weird how these people thrashed the film so thoroughly with words and then gave the film six or seven stars (I guess this is why the fresh/rotten ratings at rotten tomatoes are sometimes questionable). Then again…I suppose I thrashed it and still rated it better than average, so obviously I’m a hypocritical moron. I do think it’s worth seeing (maybe–I wouldn’t recommend it for everybody). I just don’t think it’s particularly brilliant or dramatically convincing.

By the way, if you disliked Inception, then reading this long thread of Inception Hate is cathartic.

While I’m on this topic, I might as well mention this Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge comic that I discovered the other day, which people tongue-in-cheekly purport to have been an inspiration for Inception. Well, it’s really just one of many stories that have been written dealing with the notion of entering into dreams, but this one does contain the further similarity that those entering the dream are there for the purpose of committing a heist (though in this case, it’s a real world heist).

It’s a fun tale, actually, and in a way, it’s better conceived than Inception–or at any rate, seems to conform better to the unpredictable reality of dreaming. I love the notion that the dream follows Scrooge around and if you stray too far from him, you literally fall out of it. I would have loved to have seen what might have been done with that in a Hollywood action film.

For some reason, this reminded me of an old “Batman: The Animated Series” episode that I also recommend, called “Perchance to Dream”, in which the Mad Hatter builds an alternate dream reality (the framework supplied by Bruce’s subconscious) for Batman in which Bruce Wayne’s parents weren’t killed. In the dream, Bruce and the Batman are different people. The goal being to trap Batman in a limbo-like dreaming coma. As a diabolical plan, it’s kind of a head-scratcher, but the episode was a good one. You can actually watch the entire episode on this Japanese site.

Those who are purists for the Dark Knight style Batman (Frank Miller Dark Knight, I mean, not Christopher Nolan) might disagree with the notion that deep down, Bruce Wayne resents that he was forced to become the Batman.

“imdb females under 18 ratings” – Weird. Why would anybody search that? Even my one regular reader wasn’t interested in that.

“walking away and never looking back” – I’d love to know what that person hoped to find, and if my stupid post about Antonio Banderas calmly strolling away from a giant fireball fulfilled his information need.

“inception fanfiction” – Get on this, Donald. There are already people looking for some.