No, this isn’t about the Monty Python play, but rather some of the hilarious spam that I get on this blog. I’ll tell you…these spam bots are getting better. As experienced as I am with the Internet, I still have to read some of these things twice to attempt to determine whether or not they’re legitimate. Thankfully, Askimet automatically tags the vast majority of spam for me, and in my experience, I’ve never seen a false positive. I don’t ever have to see them if I’d prefer not to, but I still enjoy reading over some of the spam comments, regardless. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

im writing this comment and watching rambo 3 at the same time lol. the bookends to the rocky kovies were mr favorites of the series..and yeah rocky balboa does tug on ones heart, it was hard for me to watch at a couple of points, most notably the meathouse scene with him and paualie.

Only problem with that one is that I hadn’t mentioned Rocky at all in the post to which it had been attached. In fact, until now, I haven’t mentioned Rocky on this blog at all. If I had, I might have believed that this was a genuine comment. At least, until I saw that the e-mail address had a website URL in it. I’m actually not even certain what the point is. What blog doesn’t hide the commenter’s e-mail address?

Hey, I just watched the Bourne Identity for the fifth time, and I’ve got to say I love that movie! It’s one of the only cases where the book and movie are equally good! Rare thing these days… 🙂

This might have almost convinced me had it been made as a comment on my review of Green Zone, instead of on my review of Inception. Of course, again, the e-mail address is something about winning the lottery.

omg…christian bale is SO hot…i just love his movies

This one is at least somewhat clever, in that it was on a post in which I had mentioned the film The Dark Knight.

Why did you removed my comment? It’s actually beneficial unlike almost all the comments posted here… I’ll post it again please do not get rid of it as lots of people will it very helpful.

I’m only posting the first line of this one, since the rest is advertising, but this one makes me laugh if only because you’re not going to convince me to post your spam by being a douche.

OHH YEAH! all I can Say is WONDER WOMAN. To bad she would never give me a run. Good Post I always have to click her name when I see it. I went to a Show for one of our Venture Companies and her crew was there siging Thier marketing material. Pretty Sexy stuff. I guess until one of them trys one of us standaredwe need to stick to miss michigan if you get it.. Wink wink.

That one is just so bizarrely random, that it must be read. It’s like one giant non sequitur.

Incredible post on the blog, I share the same views. I wonder why this human race truly does not believe just like me along with the website master 🙂

That one almost sounds like some dickwad who’s trying to be sarcastic.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

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