I have to give credit to my brother Josh for leading me to this series of videos by posting “Bed Intruder” on Facebook. That was a real head-scratcher (I honestly couldn’t figure out if it was a real news story that had been mashed up or if it were merely some sort of off-color music video made up to look like a local news story) until I discovered the rest of these “Auto-tune the News” videos on YouTube.

There are a number of these that are actually very catchy (Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!), but I’ll post up this one if only for the Pootie Tang reference (“main damie”) and the hilarious faux-banter between Karzai and Zardari in their courtship of Hilary Clinton.

Just to add my two cents on these, the best unintentional singers are probably:

  • Joe Biden – I’ll be damned if the bit at the beginning of this video doesn’t sound legitimate. If Biden had sung that way a few years ago, he might have been the current PotUS. When he sings, “That’s what I want to imagine”, patriotism wells up inside me. God bless America, Joe Biden.
  • Pat Buchanan – Both here and here.
  • Honorable mention to Steve Buyer for one of the catchiest riffs: “It’s the smoke”.
  • Second honorable mention to Michele Bachmann, whose borderline insane intellectual reductionism lends itself pretty well to song.

[Edit: For whatever reason, this Obama Flashback doesn’t seem to be linked with the rest (I guess it’s outside of the series), but it’s quite good and funny. I can’t get enough of watching Bill O’Reilly dance, but I also think this shows the genius of the way these guys get the most out of autotuning when they turn a cow into a musical instrument.]

I Wish Louis C.K.’s Shows Were as Funny as Louis C.K.

First of all, I should say that if you’ve never seen Louis C.K.’s stand-up before, go watch any video on YouTube, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you have a sense of humor, you’re going to laugh. Probably, a lot. That said, his HBO sitcom, “Lucky Louie” was uneven at best and unfunny at worst, and I’ve never seen his FX series, “Louie”, but I probably don’t have to. Regardless, the following video is a promotional clip for the former series–a sort of prequel–and it is funny. Maybe not gut-bustingly funny, but it’s at least chuckle-worthy throughout, and gets progressively better.

Apparently, you can watch some episodes of “Louie” on the FX Networks website. I’ll give them a look later.

Blessed are the Geeks: Avengers Cast Assembled

I posted about this as well, but Donald gives this topic a more thorough treatment: Blessed are the Geeks: Avengers Cast Assembled

I’m “Pressing” this blog post because it occurred to me the other day that Chris Evans seems to be the new go-to guy for comic book-based films. He was in the two Fantastic Four films, that Losers film that came out earlier this year, and now he’s in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim film followed by (eventually) Captain America and maybe Avengers. I wonder who else has been in as many comic book-based films. Somebody should figure out who wins that non-battle.