Another lazy post, but oh well.

I’ve been lately browsing the auto-tuned videos on YouTube. There are a lot of people doing these, apparently, though I had no idea until I discovered the brilliant Auto-Tune the News series. I can’t say that the majority of other auto-tuning efforts work especially well, but there are a few jewels out there. So I thought I would post a few that I think might be noteworthy exemplars of the artform, such as it is.

The following videos are all by a single YouTube user (placeboing), and I have to say, there’s a sort of simple musical genius about them. This first one actually sounds like it might have come off of one of Madonna’s techno-heavy albums like Music or Confessions on a Dance Floor.

I think that what’s most interesting is that these videos indirectly reveal how little talent you realistically must have in order to do this sort of music (as a performer, I mean–as a producer, you have to still be pretty good). If you only heard the vocals on the first video (and I recommend that you listen rather than watch–not to add onto the pile of hate this poor girl has received), you’d be like, “Who’s that? Rihanna?” Obviously, I don’t mean to disparage Rihanna here–she has a lot of talent. I only mean to say that thanks to technology, the only true requirement for a killer track is having functional vocal chords.

Enough chatter from me…