Somebody on Usenet (yes, I still occasionally read Usenet) posted a link to this blog with photos of a stunt double for the upcoming Captain America film.

Man…I just don’t know. Why does the costume look as though it’s made out of that cheap vinyl material out of which children’s Halloween costumes are made? You know, that material that rips about three seconds after you put it on?

Okay–meaningless complaint, perhaps. I’m assuming (or at least hoping) that this is merely what they use in the long shots to make it easy for the stunt double to move. But even with that said, I have a sense this costume design probably seemed like a better idea on paper than it does on an actual person. It’s not as terrible as some people are making it out to be, but I’m not in love with it at all.

It’s very similar in design to what Bryan Hitch did with the Ultimates incarnation of Captain America (World War II-era, shown at right), except somehow, it looks so much dumber. I’m a comic book fan, so you know I’m going to have to nitpick this, right?

First of all, I don’t like that they’ve reduced the number of vertical red stripes to two, and that they’ve become suspenders that don’t seem to serve any purpose. Something about this is too Rob Liefeld-esque. Second of all, Hitch’s design is much more reminiscent of army fatigues–it has that sort of bulky quality about it. It’s not as obviously a super-hero costume. The coat buttons over like an actual jacket (which is mercifully free of pointless flourishes like shoulder pads) and the helmet is just a regular old army helmet painted blue and with a big “A” on the front.

The costume on display in the movie images is like a hybrid of a modern Captain America costume and the World War II fatigues, and it simply isn’t doing it for me. It looks goofy. And Captain America should never look goofy. His costume is one of the classics and I still don’t understand why they felt the need to tinker with it so much, but if they were going to do so, they should have gone for the full-on Hitch.