Pixar, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Etc.

Apparently, some rumors have been going around about Pixar possibly doing a Doctor Strange film. It seems an odd fit and there’s probably nothing to it at all except for one of those weird urban legends that propagates instantly across the Internet. But for the record, it would be awesome. Why? Because almost everything Pixar do is awesome.

I found out about this through a blog post on Premier.com: Does a Pixar Dr. Strange Movie Make Any Sense?

The author doesn’t think that it makes sense, and he does this thing that I’ve been complaining about in recent posts: his argument against the pairing of Pixar and Doctor Strange is based upon the “fact” that Ang Lee’s Hulk was an utter failure. If you disagree with that premise (as I do), then his argument falls apart.

But really, it’s something of a flawed argument in any case, because it takes for granted that Doctor Strange has no general appeal and can only work on some cultish, cerebral level, in which case, any movie incarnation at all is probably pointless, unless it’s a totally low-budget affair. In a way, I’d almost prefer some group like Pixar have a go at it, since they’d find the right angle on it to make it relatable and human. And for the record, I don’t even think that would be very difficult. Strange’s origin story contains a lot of character development that could work well in a self-contained film.

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  1. Now that Marvel is owned by Disney, the idea of Pixar producing a film based on those characters would make a lot of sense… but not Dr. Strange. I find this rumor hard to believe for a few different reasons. First of all, Pixar has yet to make a film based on a licensed character or property. It makes since that their first attempt would be a Marvel character, but Dr. Strange? Considering how they have only made family friendly fare up to this point, I can’t see them taking a stab at this decidedly mature, occultish comic book character.

    Also, and this may be a somewhat contentious remark, but considering how the Incredibles — as brilliant as it was — was little more than a rip off of the Fantastic Four (with a few other comic book tropes and cliches thrown in), it seems more likely that Pixar would just do a rip off of a Dr. Strange type character instead.

    And, yeah, this guy’s article was stupid.

  2. I don’t think Pixar would, either, which is why I’m pretty dismissive of the rumor. That said, if anybody could make it work, it would be Pixar. Weren’t they supposedly doing a John Carter of Mars movie?

  3. That sounds familiar.

    And there already has been one terrible live action Dr. Strange film and one mediocre animated Dr. Strange film. As much as I like the character, I don’t think another film adaptation is necessary. I mean, unless they got Roger Stern or or somebody to write the script. But, all in all, I’d rather see him write a comic book series instead.

  4. Believe it or not, the Dr. Strange movie is on YouTube. I watched a few minutes of it today. It’s not really a movie as far as I can tell. It’s the pilot to a TV series. And it’s pretty dumb.

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