So you’ve probably seen these Keystone Light commercials featuring Keith Stone. They’re amusing, but I always wondered why this trailer park dweller is supposed to be the epitome of smooth. I understand that incongruity can be funny, but the concept has, regardless, always been a head-scratcher for me. Thankfully, this blogger illuminates the matter. Apparently, Keystone Light is the beer of choice for poor, white trash. Since I think all beer tastes like cat piss, I had no idea.

I’m mostly doing this post as an excuse to link to that blog post, because I find it kind of hilarious. I love that she wrote up a page-long criticism of a series of beer commercials explaining all of the irony and subtext therein. That kind of dedication to the analysis of the most trivial and fleeting examples of pop culture warrants linkage.

This is a funny blog, actually. It seems to be almost entirely dedicated to thinking about commercials, and it gets my stamp of approval for reminding me about those awesomely bad Mentos commercials from the 90s.