Alternate Dimension McFly

I’ve always been a big fan of the Back to the Future movies, so it’s sort of amazing that I’d never heard that Robert Zemeckis did five weeks of shooting with Eric Stoltz in the Marty McFly role instead of Michael J. Fox. In fact, that’s kind of mindblowing.

Apparently, the 25th Anniversary DVD collection of the films contains some of the original footage. On a side note, why don’t I own these movies on DVD yet?

Anyway, I don’t have any real opinion of Eric Stoltz–he’s okay–but all of these years later, it’s almost impossible to imagine anybody besides Fox inhabiting that role. The charisma of the two actors is just so vastly different, and Fox just sells every gag so perfectly that I can’t see the movie working without him.

I’m posting up a YouTube video below, but on the good chance it will break at some point, here’s where I originally read about it.

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  1. I have these movies on DVD (an older edition, but still fairly well stocked with extras) and they talk about this quite a bit. They fired him because he wasn’t funny. I guess they were impressed with his acting, but while watching the dailies or whatever, they thought it felt too much like a drama and he couldn’t lighten up enough.

    I don’t think anybody could argue that they didn’t make the right choice. Fuck Stoltz.

  2. I’m gonna make a chop that’s a picture of Stoltzie saying “I’d hit that!!… and then the studio would have Michael J. Fox hit it again because I sucked so bad at it.”

  3. And then I’m gonna do a Family Circus chop where Billy is watching that deleted scene and he goes, “Even *I* know Eric Stoltz sucks, and I’m functionally retarded!”

  4. Somebody probably already made both of those chops.

    The funny thing is that when I saw Eric Stoltz in those scenes, my brain had a hard time accepting it, and it felt as though I was looking at some sort of Forrest Gump style insertion-by-special-effects.

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