After sitting through an entire voting season of advertisements for Sharron Angle that literally demonized all illegal immigrants in an attempt to smear Harry Reid as soft (“an illegal immigrant’s best friend”) on these devious Mexicans who are ostensibly attempting to undermine our country one border crossing at a time (by the way, Nevada doesn’t even share a border with Mexico, but let’s not go there), I thought I had absorbed as much fear mongering as I possibly could this fall. Then I saw this advertisement run on CNN this morning.

Dear god–so many other cultures to be afraid of! I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start learning to speak Chinese today! I want to be prepared when, 20 years down the road, these sinister, snickering Chinamen have become our overlords, and we’re all forced to hang Chairman Mao banners in our universities!

Listen, there are valid concerns about China owning so much of our debt, but enough is enough, already. This is just another example of xenophobia run rampant that renders complex policy in extremely shallow terms and offers no solution to battling this country’s record unemployment.

Is it just me?

There’s a surprisingly not-stupid discussion of this video on Digg.

And here’s a blog post I like that points out something I was thinking, but couldn’t even be bothered to get into: the commercial doesn’t even make any sense.