This is my new favorite website: AntiDuckface.

I’ve been wondering about duck faces for years. The most common duck face (in my experience) is the one seen through a grainy webcam image, and it used to be (maybe still is) pretty much a requirement for any girl under, say…age 22, to have some shitty photo of herself heavily made-up, probably making an “up yours” reverse peace/victory sign, on her MySpace page, or anywhere requiring a personal photo. You used to see that nonsense all the time, especially on those stupid sites like HotOrNot. For some reason, young women think it’s really hot to look like Mick Jagger.

I’m glad a site exists to ridicule the duck face. If you’re ever caught making such a face non-ironically, you might want to take some time to re-evaluate the decisions you’ve made in life.

If you want to actually scare yourself, I recommend this post from the AntiDuckface site.

As to this one…w…t…f?