Conan O’Brien

I may as well weigh in, since everybody else in the world has.

I’m not a hater; in my teens, I watched Late Night with Conan O’Brien and enjoyed it. But if I’m watching anything at 11:00, it’s The Daily Show.

Late night talk shows seem kind of like some television relic to me. I know they still draw ratings, but we’re about thirty years beyond late night talk shows pushing any kind of envelope (The Daily Show is a different animal, because it’s political). There isn’t much that’s fresh about the format, so I hardly feel we needed a third pillar.

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  1. Actually, I don’t think they draw ratings anymore. At least, not like they used to. None of those shows are drawing the numbers they did just a few years ago.

    Oh, and I’m a hater. Conan is one of the most annoying, unlikable people in the history of television, in my opinion. I’d rather watch a rerun of Yes Dear or Boston Common than any interviews or comedy bits featuring that guy. And as much as I used to love the Daily Show, the past few times I’ve tuned in, I haven’t laughed very much. And the Colbert Show needs to just go away already. Colbert is one of the funniest people on the planet, but the show had one joke on day one and it’s the same joke years later.

    You know who should hot a talk show? Duckman.

  2. I still get a lot of laughs out of The Daily Show and even more from The Colbert Report. Good jokes are good jokes, even if the shtick is the same.

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