Some day Christian Bale is going to make a movie in which he actually gets to be interesting.

Unintentionally, I caught a couple of his films this weekend. The first, Public Enemies, which was really more of a starring vehicle for Johnny Depp. To this film I give a great big, “meh”. Granted, it’s almost impossible to watch a movie when my two-month-old daughter is awake and frequently hungry–if not for food than for attention–but just the same, “meh”. There really isn’t anything to say about it. It’s no Untouchables.

The second, Terminator Salvation, a film I’d been putting off viewing because I figured I would hate it. Surprisingly, I kind of dug it. I thought I’d had enough of bleak dystopian future scenarios to last me for the rest of my life, but I guess I had room for one more. Terminator Salvation was not a great movie, but it did contain some very decent action sequences. At this point, I’m well beyond attempting to wrap my mind around the Terminator continuity, so I just watched it as a film unto itself, and it works fairly well even without the context of the rest of the lore.

On a sidenote, the Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator was pretty slick.