Imaginary People

I get attached to the imaginary characters I create in online roleplaying games–I admit it. The better the character creation tool, the more I get attached to the characters. So I’m pretty excited about the upcoming revamp of the character creation tool in EVE Online.

Avatars in EVE have always been a second thought in that game, since all they amount to is a profile graphic for your character sheet or for somebody else to see when they check your profile info. But at some point in the future, CCP are finally going to release an expansion to the game that allows characters to leave their ships, so they’ve worked up a new avatar system that goes live in January. I’ve been playing around with it on the test server, and the results are pretty incredible. Check ’em out.

I feel as though I’m looking at real people. The avatar creation tool isn’t always the easiest thing to use, but you can’t argue with the end product.

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  1. heh. I was thinking he looked a little more like an 80s bad boy.

    The facial expression is mine, but I kind of gave up trying to make the face look like me. I can never come close to sculpting myself in these games. I don’t have a square enough jaw or something.

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