Is it just me, or has television changed in the past…I don’t know…20 years or so? When I was a kid, I don’t remember all of these mid-season replacements and such. When a show went on hiatus, it seemed like you just got reruns until new episodes were ready. That’s still the case with popular shows like House, I suppose, but in the case of so many shows, they just disappear from TV for months at a time, and I assume they were canceled until months later I’m flipping through the channels and discover new episodes.

Anyway, here’s a list of shows from the 2010 season that actually have been canceled.

I don’t watch a tremendous amount of television, so there’s nothing here that I’m terribly broken up about, primarily because I’ve never seen almost any of these series. A couple of things to note.

Unsurprisingly, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is being canceled. I believe that I commented in another post on this blog how much it had gone down hill with the removal of Vincent D’Onofrio. On a positive note, D’Onofrio will, apparently, be back for the final eight episodes. So I’ll be watching.

At the beginning of the fall season, I was keeping an eye on Metacritic to see which television series were the most highly regarded by critics. Almost universally beloved was a series called Lone Star. I even heard an interview with one of the stars of the series on NPR’s Fresh Air, so I thought it was strange that I’ve absolutely never seen a promo for the series or stumbled across it in the guide. Well, apparently, it was canceled after only two episodes aired. There’s something kind of funny about that.

Party Down I’ve never actually seen because I don’t subscribe to Starz, but every clip from the series that’s available on YouTube is pretty much hilarious.

Smallville I think has simply run its course. I don’t know if it was canceled or if the producers just decided to stop doing it. I watched this show religiously for two seasons, and haven’t watched it since, really. I’m amazed it has run this long, though I sense it probably recovered somewhat from the disastrous downturn in quality in season four (or was it season three?).

Some ridiculously petty part of me is sort of happy to see Undercovers go, if only because it was so heavily hyped.