The other day I was pretty hard on that AT&T commercial with the douchebag in the car, so just to show it’s nothing personal against AT&T, I’ll post up this commercial, which I do chuckle at every time.

I love the lead actor’s delivery: how he’s trying to be friendly even though he’s clearly pissed off about not getting an invite to the taco party. There is one little thing that bothers me, however, about this video: why does everybody stand there so silently when he accuses them of not inviting him? I realize some of those people have their mouths full, and one character goes out of his way to further stuff his mouth so that he doesn’t have to respond, but surely one person there could have piped up to say, “We sent you an invite!”

Clearly, I’m doing too much analysis of this commercial, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. Maybe if the commercial had worked harder to show that everybody really had a mouth that was stuffed full…

But despite that, I still think it’s pretty funny.