Total Recall 2, American Idol Wildcards

So I had a dream last night that I was either watching or filming or maybe even inside of a sequel to Total Recall (it might have been all three–you know how dreams are). I distinctly remember thinking it was awesome, so I’m a little sad that I can’t remember much about it. I do know that it took place 20 years after the first film and starred an older Arnold Schwarzenegger. I believe the general idea was that Schwarzenegger’s character, Quaid, wakes up in the chair in which he began his “dream” in the first film, and he’s led to believe that he’s been stuck in a sort of coma for the past 20 years, and that nothing from his adventures has been real. But there were immediately some suspicious things that made you believe this was some sort of con. Anyway, the thing I remember most distinctly from my dream was how well my mind was able to capture the architectural style seen in Total Recall and translate it into how it might look with modern special effects and art design.

In any case, that would be an awesome movie. Now that Arnold is no longer the governor of California, they should make it.

On another note, I’m watching American Idol this season, so I may as well lend my small voice to the crowd of millions who are talking about it. I think the talent level is pretty high this year, though last night’s elimination episode, when they went from 24 to 13 was a little odd. I think the American voters did a fair job of whittling down the contestants, but the judges made some questionable decisions in whom they chose to save through their wildcard picks.

The first girl they saved did an extremely weak rendition of “And I’m Telling You”, which everybody in the world has heard Jennifer Hudson sing about a hundred times better. I thought it was particularly telling of what an inadequate contestant she’ll be that she chose to do that song to save herself, since she just couldn’t pull it off and, in fact, missed it by a mile. But moving on, out of three girls that had a second chance, the only one they didn’t pick was the one who was, clearly, leagues beyond and should have remained in the competition.

Also, my wife was sad that they didn’t save her boy Robbie Rosen, and to be honest, I was rather shocked by that, as well. The song he did last night was almost heart-breakingly beautiful. That kid can sing. I did think that the guy they did pick, Stefano, knocked his song out of the park, and he should have been saved, but they could have easily ditched either of the two girls they picked to save Robbie.

I miss Simon already. I may not have always agreed with him, but I find that I’m a tougher judge of talent than any of the panel seem to be this year. Randy is the only one of the three who ever really attempts to stay grounded, and he’s a good judge, but there’s nobody who’ll just be brutally honest the way Simon was.


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  1. We were disappointed about Robbie too, and his being from Long Island made us even stronger supporters. Not only can he sing, but he really knows how to use the cameras to his advantage. I’m glad to hear your negative comments about the Jennifer Hudson song. I’ve heard several people sing that song and it always nearly brings me to tears, but that rendition left me cold. I hear Pia is now considered the favorite. I think if she wins, she’ll do well with the kind of music they’ll make her do (which you know in my opinion is garbage). I guess it’s what people want. I liked Carrie Underwood when she was competing but can’t stand her music now. Since she’s super successful, that shows that I know nothing. Naima is the only one of the girls who vaguely interests me. That’s probably because she sang old time classics.

    1. If you were just going by the performances of those six last night, the panel’s wildcard decisions seemed weird.

      Naima is okay. I’ve really nothing against her. I just thought Robbie was better. In any case, he was in a different class from that Ashthon.

  2. I haven’t watched any of American Idol this season. The previous few seasons have been terrible, and now they don’t even have Simon to keep things entertaining. Maybe it’s good, but I don’t care.

    However, I’ll watch that Total Recall sequel.

  3. Yeah, I was shocked they didn’t save Robbie. I agree with you regarding the girls, too. Kendra sang so much better. I’m glad they picked Stefano, though. Out of all of them, Casey is my favorite so far.

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