If I’ve been silent lately, it’s because I literally have nothing to talk about. Ever since my mother-in-law left, it’s just my wife and me with an extremely adorable but lifeforce-devouring baby of less than six months. That affords little time at all for actually doing anything that demands my attention for more than five minutes at a time. So movies are out, as is most television drama. I suppose that’s why American Idol is pretty much the only show that we watch these days.

It’s funny–for many years in a row, I told myself that I wouldn’t watch the show next season. I’m not quite sure why, to be honest, though I suppose it has something to do with how you’ve got to watch it twice a week and historically, it has pulled me away from geeking out on other things.

But because my wife and my mother enjoy it so much, I’ve always watched it, as well. And ultimately, I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed myself, if only because it’s something to talk about at the water cooler. Of course, there is no water cooler, and I don’t talk to anybody at work, but if there were and I did…!

It aids in my enjoyment that I’m a guy who loves to sing but never did anything with it (don’t get me wrong–I’m nowhere near good enough, anyway), so there’s definitely a vicarious element to the show for me.

I know some of my readers (all two or three of them) hate American Idol, and I suppose I can sort of understand why. But I’ll tell you what: I don’t regret at all watching the show this season. The talent pool has been so strong that I actually feel as though I should be paying to see all of these kids perform. They may not all knock it out of the park every single time, but on nights like tonight, when they’re provided a pretty narrow song catalog from which to pick (it’s difficult to go wrong with Elton John), they pretty much all shine.

In any event, I’m not going to go on and on about it. I’m just going to post a couple of videos.

The first is the reason I never post anymore, and it should be seen and appreciated by anybody who loves things that are awesome and adorable.

The second is an American Idol video from a few weeks back of this kid Robbie Rosen doing “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”. I’m posting it for two reasons. First, because it speaks to the talent of this year’s contestants that Rosen didn’t even make it into the top 12 (though he should have). Second, because another contestant did this same song tonight, and it was also very good, but not actually as good as this, which I found to be almost heart-breakingly soulful.

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  1. Cute baby, playa. Nice work. Although that video didn’t need to be ten minutes long 😉

    And this guy is a decent singer, but he looks just like that Dick in a Box guy from SNL. I haven’t watched a single episode this season, and I don’t think I really watched many last season either. For the life of me, I can’t even remember who won last season. I want to say Adam Lambert, but he didn’t even win, and he wasn’t on last season. He’s just the only previous contest from the past couple years I can remember. I just remember them gushing over him every week, even though he was awful. That was one of the reasons I quit watching. Also, because she show sucks.

    1. It needed to be that long. Of course, she’s my kid, so by law, I can’t get enough of her. Also, I don’t know how to edit videos.

      Yeah, he’s the most Jewish looking kid ever. He’s so over-the-top Jewish that it’s actually kind of endearing…whatever that means. In an interesting way, he also sort of looks like Disney’s Aladdin. Maybe that’s why I liked him.

      American Idol isn’t really about who wins or loses. You’re excited about the contestants at the time, but then they win (or lose) and go off and record crappy albums, and nobody buys them, because we’ve already forgotten about them and have moved on to the next season’s contestants. Hell, I don’t even care about the ones who went on to be relatively famous, like Carrie Underwood.

      It’s really more about the competition for me, and watching these singers grow as performers and seeing whether or not they’ll be able to be consistent from week to week, with some contestants sucking one week and then clobbering a song the next. These little fluctuations are interesting to me, which is why I’m usually bored by contestants who are always good.

  2. Is she a Mets fan or a Yankees fan? Those are the only two choices.

    Keep up the good work training her to watch American Idol too!

    1. You’re essentially asking her to choose between her grandfather and her uncle. I wouldn’t do that to her.

      Juliet is only sporadically interested in Idol. She loves the more melodic songs, though. Who was it she liked last night? Hmm…I forget. I just remember her sitting there on Liliana’s lap watching the television so intently and occasionally swinging her legs.

  3. There’s something you’re even more misguided about than your opinions about Idol, fuwalda…..the baby video should have been a lot longer! I’ve watched it about 30 times already and now am ready for more!

  4. I agree, the first video is awesome and adorable!!! I don’t think anybody can get enough of it.

    Regarding American Idol, I think not saving Robbie was the biggest mistake the judges made this season. I still can’t believe they let that girl Ashthon stay instead–she couldn’t sing at all. I enjoyed watching the show last night, by the way.

    1. Yeah, the shame of it was that the one they saved got kicked off the very next week, and everybody knew that was going to happen.

  5. MORE JULIET VIDEOS!!! She’s adorable! That little squeaky hiccupy laugh! What a doll! She’s getting so big already, jeez, where does the time go?

    On Idol, yeah, I know I just randomly dismissed it the other day, sorry, but here’s my beef with it, and it actually has nothing to do with the show. . . In maybe 2007, my husband and one of my friends decided it would be funny to OUTVOTE me anytime something severely uncomfortable was on tv and just make me watch it. In the case of that ridiculous show (the two Corys? Haim and Feldman?) they actually physically restrained me from leaving the room and I had to watch that horrible scene where Feldman sings some awful song to his GF—it was really traumatic, and this led to the same kind of thing being done during IDOL but only during the first couple weeks where everyone apparently is like tin foil on fillings-bad. I didn’t even know that any good people ever went on the show because all i ever saw were the horrid ones. . . .

    I probably owe it to myself to watch the actually talented contestants, maybe I will someday.

    1. Thanks! She’s a sweet little kid.

      I think it’s worthwhile to seek out some of the noteworthy performances, though there are some nights when it feels as though none of the contestants has made a connection with the song he or she has chosen. Not as much this season, as I’ve said, but it does happen.

      The interesting thing about it for me is that it makes me appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to deliver the soul of a song. Everybody knows that performing and working a crowd isn’t easy, but if you only ever watch seasoned performers who make singing look so easy, you start to take for granted the vast amount of craft that’s really involved merely in doing a song justice vocally.

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