Quick follow-up post just to say that I’ve been Tweeted, and even though I sort of hate Twitter, that’s still kind of cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been Tweeted before. So thanks, Jill Morton, whoever you are.

jillmorton Jill Morton
Getting a pop color fix from American Idol. Image trumps hot vocals. Did the horrible matronly outfit push Pia out? http://ow.ly/4vPkk


Also, in the hours since I made the earlier post, I’ve gotten hits on this blog from the following search terms:

  • pia toscano i dont like outfit gwen
  • pia dress gwen
  • pia gwen blame
  • american idol bad costume gwen stefani
  • pia toscano eliminated because gwen stefani wardrobe

Obviously, I was being tongue-in-cheek when I said that was the reason that Pia was eliminated. I think she was eliminated because she was the weakest contestant.