Dreams, Douchiness

I had a dream last night that my friend Donald and I enrolled in an acting class that was meant to teach us how to be iconic movie douchebags. It was taught by the blond bully from The Karate Kid, William Zabka, who also played the douchebag in other great 80s films, like Back to School and Just One of the Guys.

How awesome would that class be in real life? Where did all the blond douchebags go, anyway? I could be one of those.

3 Replies to “Dreams, Douchiness”

  1. I’d check this class out.

    “Sorry, class, but Professor Zabka is sick with the flue this week, but he’s arranged for a special guest lecture by William Atherton.”

  2. haha! Yeah. I realized yesterday after watching your Tales from the Crypt videos that Morton Downey Jr. would have also been awesome.

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