So  back in 2008, I purchased the Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle, which included what was at the time the standard Xbox 360, which came with absolutely no hard drive. Even then, I knew that was really dumb, because hell–even the original Xbox had a hard drive, and it was very useful.

Fast forward to a few years later and while toying with the notion of purchasing the Kinect for my birthday, I discover that not only does it require that you have at least the 4GB Xbox 360 (which now is the standard–as far as I can tell, they don’t sell the console anymore without a hard drive…because basically, you need a hard drive for everything now), but my Xbox 360 console doesn’t even have a proper power supply to support the Kinect. So…basically, my Xbox 360 is a huge piece of crap and kind of useless for the next generation games. It’s kind of equivalent to owning the original Xbox at this point.

Shouldn’t Microsoft offer a trade-in program or something? At the bare minimum, because they never should have sold the console without a built-in hard drive.

Edit: Oh, damn. I just saw that the newer Xbox 360s always come with built-in wi-fi? Now I’m really pissed off. I really got shafted–and the thing is, I wasn’t even a particularly early adopter of the 360.