Why I hate Star Wars fans

On one of the forums I frequent, somebody posted a link to this article alongside the statement “there is no god”. The article details two changes to the blu-ray issues of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Return of the Jedi. In ANH, George Lucas decided to change the sound of the Krayt dragon call that Obi-wan produces, while in RotJ, he dubbed in Vader saying, “No….Noooo” when saving Luke from the Emperor at the end of the film. Naturally, a flurry of posts ensued detailing what a tool Lucas is and how much he hates the fans.

Jesus Christ. I like these movies as much as anybody, but I think William Shatner said it best.


I mean, compared with the amount of pure bullshit in the Extended Universe that a lot of these same fans cling to as though every ridiculous detail is precious, something like this seems trivial at best. And in truth, I think the new Vader line is a decent addition, since it ties us back to the end of Episode 3, and frankly, Vader probably should say something like that there.


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  1. No, but somebody did post a video clip (with no additional commentary) from that South Park episode that has George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raping a storm trooper.

  2. If I was George Lucas, I’d just be like, “Fuck it,” and put Blink 182 into the movies. They should be playing that song, “All the… small things…” in the Cantina in the first film, and then they could back up Max Rebo in Return of the Jedi.

    For Empire I’d be more subtle. I’d just have them walk past a poster in Cloud City for some Bespin Music Festival featuring Blink 182. And maybe in one of the training sequences on Dagobah, I’d just have Yoda wearing a Blink 182 shirt under his robe.

  3. It would never work, because you know at least one member of Blink 182 would be like, “Fuck George Lucas! He made Wickett blink!”

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