On one of the forums I frequent, somebody posted a link to this article alongside the statement “there is no god”. The article details two changes to the blu-ray issues of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Return of the Jedi. In ANH, George Lucas decided to change the sound of the Krayt dragon call that Obi-wan produces, while in RotJ, he dubbed in Vader saying, “No….Noooo” when saving Luke from the Emperor at the end of the film. Naturally, a flurry of posts ensued detailing what a tool Lucas is and how much he hates the fans.

Jesus Christ. I like these movies as much as anybody, but I think William Shatner said it best.

I mean, compared with the amount of pure bullshit in the Extended Universe that a lot of these same fans cling to as though every ridiculous detail is precious, something like this seems trivial at best. And in truth, I think the new Vader line is a decent addition, since it ties us back to the end of Episode 3, and frankly, Vader probably should say something like that there.