You know, it may seem as though I’ve completely given up on this blog. And I have!

Well, not entirely. I did mean to write a couple of short reviews of The Unknown and Black Swan, but I’ve been pretty lazy lately. So instead, I thought I’d just share a few of the character portraits that I’ve worked up in the EVE Online character creator. Does anybody care? No, probably not. But I’m just in awe, really, of how great this thing is.

I’ve already spoken about this back when this system was in testing. The only problem with it is that the models don’t tend to look quite as good in-game. Also, whatever shader code they’re using in game in the Captain’s Quarters (where you actually get to see your character) just ridiculously lags my graphics cards, so I’ve turned that feature off. Anyway, here are some of the avatars I’ve made.