So if you’ll recall, I was pretty generous in my review of The A-Team. After rewatching parts of it last night, however, I think I wasn’t generous enough.

On a second viewing (with my baby daughter in another country, and thus not waking up every twenty minutes to compel me to pause the film), I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the first time. The action sequences, which I initially thought became tamer after the high bar set in the opening minutes, seemed more charged and dramatically compelling this time around.

The plot, however, is still a little confusing, to be perfectly honest about it (is Lynch a rogue CIA agent, or what? how does he really intend to use those plates?), so I don’t think I would revise the quantitative rating I gave it, but qualitatively, this is a film that I would hope almost anybody would have fun watching, assuming you have a predilection for ludicrous action, like a guy popping the hatch on a plummeting tank at 20,000 feet in order to gun down attack drones.

Also, I spotted a great Easter egg this time around during the scene with the 3-D movie: one of the actors’ names in the phoney film is “Reginald Barclay”, which was Dwight Schultz‘s character on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dwight Schultz, of course, was also a main cast member in the A-Team television series.

On a totally unrelated note, I was listening to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning about Colorado and how it’s the thinnest state in the nation and still something like one in five people is obese, with the percentage being even greater amongst children.

Look, I’m just going to put this out there: enough already about how fat America is.

I mean, if people want to be fat, that’s their prerogative, isn’t it? I feel a little bad about children, because I think they have less of a choice about it, but it’s not that difficult to not be obese, so when I see people who are, I just assume they don’t care. It’s none of my business.