Hatsune Miku, Nicholson vs. Ledger

By far, the most popular (only popular?) post on this blog is the one I did back on January 3rd of this year comparing the disparate film portrayals of the Joker as delivered by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. I just approved another two comments to that post, though I’ve long since given up on attempting to answer them all, because really, how much can you say about this shit?

It’s largely down to opinion, anyway, though it does strike me funny that it seriously gets under some people’s skin when you say something negative about Chris Nolan’s Batman films. These people should read what I had to say about Inception so they can just write me off as a hater (which wouldn’t be accurate, of course, because in general I kind of like Chris Nolan as a filmmaker).

This is all to say that the key, apparently, to driving readership is to just be a dick about something that people hold sacred. So now I’m wondering what else I can be a dick about…

Anyway, moving on to an entirely different topic, this is pretty cool:

A while back, I’d heard an NPR story about this 3-D virtual singer named Hatsune Miku who performs live to sold-out arenas, and I had meant at the time to check it out on YouTube. I finally got around to it.

Pretty amazing. We’ve come a long way from Josie and the Pussycats.

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  1. heh. Tell me that isn’t catchy, though.

    But yeah, it’s kind of weird to think that these concerts sell out all over the globe.

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