I’m sharing this if only because I like these serendipitous moments on YouTube where you discover something that has existed for more than a decade but you never knew about it.

As to the why of this video…I don’t know. It’s a pairing that really shouldn’t work at all. I’m not even sure that it does. But I love Tom Jones and I love The Cardigans. I have no opinion about the Talking Heads, whose song they’re covering here.

Also, here’s my favorite YouTube comment of the day:

If I had a voice like Tom Jones’ I’d give up all my worldy possesions and stand on a street corner and sing things like: Who wants waffles?! Hoh, yeeah — wahh haff alls!


Bonus Video!

Remember the ’90s? Man, I feel like I’m a Freshman in college again watching this. I really enjoyed the kitschy, bubblegummy flavor of The Cardigans’ early albums. It wasn’t earth shattering stuff, but it was fun.

I highly recommend watching this on YouTube so that you can simultaneously enjoy the debate about whether Justin Bieber is the Satan-spawn or merely a faggot. For the record, I’ve got nothing against Justin Bieber–he seems like a good kid. That said, his song that samples Lovefool sucks balls in the worst way.