I think I’m one of the last people on the planet who still isn’t talking shit about Michael Bay, especially in light of the Transformer films (the last two of which I haven’t seen). I do feel a little bit cheated by the trajectory of his filmmaking, because after The Island, I really thought we’d see him exercising more of his storytelling chops, but he seems to be moving further and further away real characters and cohesive plotlines.

Anyway, it kind of made me laugh when I saw a commercial for the new Need for Speed game the other day that began with the prominent statment, “A trailer through the eyes of Michael Bay”.  The guy already has the reputation of making films with all the reality of a video game, so I suppose it’s a natural fit for him to direct a trailer for one, though I don’t know it’s necessarily the best career move. Regardless, I went online to check out the full trailer.

Yup…that’s a trailer for a video game all right. I doubt it benefits in any way from having Michael Bay direct it. Honestly, I’m not even sure what Michael Bay did here. What does “through the eyes” even mean? Maybe all he did was pick out the music. Whatever.

Though I’m not going to lie–it does look exciting.