Can we all just admit that channels like The History Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and other themed channels in this vain have completely jumped the shark? You know, they’re so terrible that they actually made me use the expression “jumped the shark”, which is an expression I sort of hate. But really, all of these channels that used to be my go-tos when I just wanted to kill some time watching something interesting on television are now almost completely piled up with reality show dreck.

I realize I’m not saying anything new or remotely original here, but I just wanted my small voice to be yet one more in the chorus of people around the country who absolutely hate the direction in which these channels have gone. So just to be clear here:

The History Channel sucks.

Animal Planet sucks.

National Geographic sucks.

And there are probably a bunch of other sucky channels too that no longer bear any resemblance to the purpose for which they were originally created. Thinking about it, Comedy Central may be the only channel left that has really stayed true to its intention. Hell, even Cartoon Network has started showing shit like gameshows.