Okay, another completely absurd review from the Internet Movie Database with regards to The Ides of March. I’m sharing this one not only because it’s barely literate and nonsensical, but also because I think that in a weird way, it kind of explains why Ides was a pretty good film.

Political trash and half baked propaganda, 31 March 2012


Author: fwarleader from United States


Nonsense political garbage. Don’t bother the acting isn’t even good 2d characters.


I don’t need to write a great deal about it because it isn’t worth it. I mean Clooney liberal loon is enough to know what is going to happen. Of course he isn’t a “bad guy” ridiculous.


Typical stereotyping, even down to the “Arkansas” Gov. With sex and interns thrown in too. As if the last Arkansas Gov turned President had any honor.


Acting was weak, plot sucked and by mid movie it was an emotional Hollywood fantasy “human character” hack job. The movie just falls apart totally. I suppose if you are a Democrat drone you may enjoy the lies and propaganda that Clooney spouts off about same old tired nonsense. However didn’t expect more glad I got it at redbox for a dollar.

So here’s the thing about this film: the politics of the protagonists are almost entirely inconsequential. The screenwriters could have very easily revised George Clooney’s character to be a Republican candidate for president without changing in any way the narrative.

But the irony of this is that had the film taken that tack, I would lay a pretty sizable sum of money on the liklihood that this very same reviewer would have shown up to the IMDb to complain about Hollywood’s penchant for depicting conservatives as hypocritical sell-outs with loose morals.

The fact that anybody could call The Ides of March liberal propaganda is almost mind-blowing. Every single character in this film compromises on every last promise to himself. Hell, even the reporter from the “liberal” New York Times is portrayed as a person not above blackmail in the typical course of getting a story.

Propaganda. Sheesh. To quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon.”