All of this discussion about Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story inspired me to look up some clips on YouTube, whereupon I discovered this extended scene in which Dewey travels to India and falls into studying transcendental meditation with the Beatles. This scene is probably a minute and a half long in the actual film, but there’s over five minutes of it here, and it’s all funny.

That said, it’s probably better to watch this after having seen the film, so you have it in context. You’ll laugh either way, however.

This is one of these movies in which every single character is played by somebody at least kinda famous, and so spotting these familiar faces becomes part of the fun of watching it. In a way, what makes this scene even funnier is that not a single one of these actors, however, is English. Paul Rudd’s imitation of John Lennon, in particular, is somehow both terrible and great at the same time.