Random Thoughts on Children’s Television


SteveBlue’s Clues. I don’t know why I looked this up on the IMDb the other day, but the profile photo for the guy who plays Steve made me laugh. That’s it at the left. Admittedly, it seemed funnier at first glance when I thought he was smoking a cigarette, but even still, that’s a picture of a guy who doesn’t want to be thought of as “Steve from Blue’s Clues”.

While I was there, I checked out some of the user comments for the show, and half of them are about how much worse the new guy, “Joe”, is compared with Steve. Which is funny because they’re exactly the same person. I mean, they look different, but they’re the same. Maybe Steve was a little weirder or something, whereas Joe is a little more chipper. But it makes me laugh that there are Blue’s Clues purists out there who are saying, “The show is ruined!”

Okay, one more thing about Steve and Joe. How come Steve’s actual name is Steve, but Joe’s actual name is Donovan? That doesn’t seem fair.

dirtgirlworld. This is, seriously, one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I always change the channel when it comes on, because I don’t want to give my six-month old daughter nightmares. I don’t deny that there’s something sort of interesting about the mixture of CG and acting, but…*shudder*…you be the judge.

I do love the guitar-playing roosters.

The Berenstain Bears. I’ve always wondered…are the Berenstain Bears Quakers or Amish or something? I’m just going off of how they dress. I have no other reason for saying that. Well, one more reason, perhaps: they’re all nice, moral people.

Sesame Street. Nothing snarky to say about Sesame Street. Juliet seems to enjoy the muppets and Burt and Ernie are still the best odd couple currently on television. I guess I had kind of forgotten that the Muppet Show characters never really featured prominently or at all on Sesame Street. I was surprised to learn that the Sesame Street cast is actually owned by a different company from characters like Kermit and Fozzie.

ArthurArthur. This isn’t a show I get to see too often, because it comes on too early, so I don’t know much about it. My question is, what kind of animals are these? I know I could find out in about ten seconds by Googling it, but in a way, it’s more fun not knowing. My guess is they’re rabbits, but in anthropomorphizing them, they kind of lost a lot of their rabbityness.

Caillou. Fun fact, my wife says that “caillou” means “stone” in French. In any case, this is a cute show, but I’ll be damned if Caillou doesn’t look like he suffers from childhood leukemia, and that also makes it a little sad. But at the same time, it also makes it a little funny, because I’m reminded of Cancer Boy from Kids in the Hall’s Brain Candy. And that’s still one of the most wrong and yet funniest things ever.

Martha Speaks. Juliet and I watch this one a lot in the morning as a result of me trying to distract her with something while I try to catch an extra two or three minutes of sleep. I actually enjoy the show, though. Martha’s a talking dog, and the voice actor does a good talking dog somehow. I mean, she doesn’t sound like Scooby Doo–she just sounds like a person…who’s a dog.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough.